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Downtown Discovery Contest

Who We Are

The Downtown Discovery Contest continues the tradition of providing a family fun activity supported by local businesses and agencies. The goal of the Contest is to encourage families to "discover" local businesses, town improvements, and changes that have occurred in the community during the past year while children "hunt" for large cardboard Easter Eggs hidden throughout downtown. The Contest, begun in Lewistown in 2001, was presented by Downtown Lewistown, Inc. for 10+years supporting its business development and marketing efforts. In 2013, it became a volunteer community run activity with organizer Colby Guyer taking lead for the event. Each spring, starting 3 weeks before Easter, this event continues to happen...

What We Do

Provide a free family event that lasts 3-week leading up to Easter. Prizes drawn for children ages 3 through 11 that complete and turn in forms.